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Daniel Esquivel is the deuteragonist and the love-interest of Grachi. He is portrayed by Andres Mercado.


One of the protagonists of Grachi, Daniel Esquivel is the leader/captain of the swimming team The Sharks at Escolarium. He is Grachi's love-interest and boyfriend. He is Chema's cousin and best friend. Daniel's parents are Cristina and Ricardo. He has three siblings: Melanie , Luis and Roberto. He is the victim of the Starry of Love, a destiny that doesn't allow a human boy to fall in love with the witch who has the birthmark of a star (aka Grachi), or else the boy will suffer from different situations. Although, Grachi later broke the destiny after she used a magical eraser to erase the star shaped birthmark.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Daniel is a swimmer,  and was titled "Best Swimmer of the City" due to his excess skills. There was one episode when he accidentally obtained Matilda's powers.


  • He has been involved in a romance with Grachi, Mia and Matilda.
  • He hates magic, but he accepts Grachi for being a witch.

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