The Exoren is an ancient book which contains a lot of powerful spells from witches around the world. It belonged to Gracia, Grachi's ancestor. It contains the most powerful and infamous spell in the whole world, the Padlock Spell. Grachi and Matilda kept fighting over the Exoren but in the last episode, it vanished after Grachi and Matilda used all of its power against Mrs. Director
Exoren AGAIN
. The Exoren cannot be transfered to another place by using spells.


Season 1Edit

The Exoren had a huge part during the first season. It was first discovered by Matilda when she sneaked into Grachi's house. She later stole it and start using it, thus awakening her powers. Grachi discovered the book via Cussy, her magic tutor. Throughout the season, Grachi and Matilda kept on fighting over the book. The book was completely destroyed when all of its power was used against Mrs. Director.

Season 2Edit

Grachi found a page from the Exoren in one episode. It contained the spell on how to get rid of the clones that Grachi made.


  • The book is unbreakable physically, but breakable magically.