Welcome, to Fan de Grachi. Where in you can find and read trivias, activities, character mania and dates to remember! And I would like to thank people who like and appreciate my page. Thank you and have a great time reading and knowing Grachi better! Remember:


Character Mania!Edit

This area is where every month there will be a chosen character to be described each month.After the month ends, there will be another chosen character! October Character:

Grachi- Also known as Graciela "Grachi" Alonso. Smart, creative, dreamy and responsible. She knows how to control her powers and use them for good (not for bad and evil) She is in love with Daniel. In seqason 2 her hair is wavy, but in season 3, she straightened her hair. She once made clones. (singing Grachi,dramatic Grachi,sleepy Grachi and bad Grachi)


Venus,Mars and Jupiter,May all the clones disappear to their Master-Grachi

Ears of the frog and dandelion trouble, with this spell I create my double-Grachi

salamander ear make me disappear-Mia

Grachi 2

If you see a ghost, just say boo, give me a perfect dinner for two-Grachi

wind,water and fog, may daniel turn into a dog-Matilda

Pots and shells that are broken make this door wide open-Matilda

seasons that change may the weather rearrange-Grachi

snowflakes and freezing time, make the naughty witch forget the rhyme-Ursula

I just washed a dish,may Grachi turn into a fish-Matilda

oceans that swirl, i want to turn you into a squirrel-Rosa

ice that is cool, i want to get out of this school-Grachi

future,present and past,i want a lock on that door with this spell i cast-Matilda

this is not the right form, so put me now in my uniform-Grachi

wood carve from the star,back to my self is my desire-Athena

soldiers in armor that can give me the spell,tell me the right words to tell-Grachi

food and grapes trees of honey,make Tony appear in front of me-Grachi and Tony

kidneys,livers,hearts and brain,bring me a big hurricane-Athena

Stir, Fry, I want my clothes to be dry! ~Grachi

I dont see how I suck like a duck-Daniel

Whiskers of the tiger,Whisk away the intruder!-Matilda

Salmon from the rivers, oysters from the sea, let Grachi receive the letter from me!-Tony

Shells with a rock, on that door I want a huge lock!-Matilda

A bird and a bee, let it show what i want to see-Mia

News flash!Edit

Season 2 had the best finish!Athena kidnapped Grachi, but thanks to Tony she got out using a spell and she landed as always in the pool.Athena,Mia and Leo teamed up to destroy the wedding.But did they win? You guessed it, they failed, but the way Leo and Mia fought it was all awesome.Mia was raging fire,when she got to the wedding she was throwing things here and there.That is the Mia that I really know in the show.She is really good in using her powers.Daniel really showed her love for Grachi by protecting her.Thanks to the help of Chema,Mecha,Diego and Daniel Grachi and Matilda defeated Athena's strong forces and punishments.Grachi erased Mia's memory about she and Grachi being enemies.Daniel pushed Leo down the lake and Leo's powers began to grow weak.Athena was sent away far away so she won't bother anyone again.That was a nice finish of season 2!

I bet season 3 has alot of new changes and alots more of cool fighting! And maybe there are more wizards and witches coming.They will be characters that are new and powerful.So stay tuned for more Grachi! Life is full of Magic.And we finally get to know how the Witches and Wizards school look like.-Alexa (Isabella Castillo) & Aleia456

Make A Story!Edit

Make a story by doing it like this:

1.Be sure to put THE MAIN TOPIC.

2.Explain what are the characters' meaning.

3.Think and use your imagination.

Remember:A story is not just a story.


season 1 is the one when grachi arivved and was popular

season 2 is the one that grachi mecha found the witch council it was mysterious

season 3 grachi meet a wizard axel she was inlove but daniel was jelous 

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