Maravillosamente Magica, la vida es!

Welcome, readers! Grachi Paradise, from the name itself, you can find everything Grachi! This article would always be up-to-date! So, it makes it trustable :) There are lots of things that make up this paradise, one of them is the Character Spotlight'''Make sure to give positive comments :) And, make sure to check back everyday :)

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Character Spotlight (Changes every 3 months) Edit

  • Graciella "Grachi" Alonso-kind, respectful, and responsible, Grachi is known as the "chosen one" which means she has a 10 mile radius of her powers. Grachi is the daughter of Francisco Alonso. Her powers are  pink rays. Grachi uses her powers for good (e.g. turning Chema back to normal) 
  • Matilda "Matty" Roman--impatient. Matilda is the daughter of Ursula Roman. Matilda's powers are green rays, unlike Grachi which is pink. Matilda uses her powers on the Panthers and to do bad (e.g. glued Leo and Daniel to the table) But, in a way, she is good. 
  • Mia Novoa-Mia is a witch kicked out from the Witches School. Mia lives with her brother, Ignacio "Nacho" Novoa. Her powers, unlike Grachi and Matilda, she uses her fist instead of her finger, and her powers are violet puff of smoke. Mia uses her powers as an advantage to do anything. 

Spells (Change every 2 months)Edit

  • " I don't like sweets I throw them away, please get Daniel's shoulder fixed right away." -Matilda

" Scorpions and snakes, and wasps that sting. You'll be trapped forever inside this ring " -Mrs. Principal/Directress 

" Crickets and butterflies, yellow's and apple pies. When I finish this now, you'll tell some pretty white lies " -Grachi

" February, March, and April. Four black stallions in a stable, I want to get rid of this galun, so when I point clean my bedroom" -Grachi

" Crazy goat who wants to groove, go and make the words move " -Grachi

Awesome News!!! (Up-to-Date) Edit

  • Season 3 will top the season 2 finale, all of season 2, and season 1! Get ready! 
  • Season 2 ended with: Grachi erased Mia's memory, Daniel pusehd Leo down the lake, Ivis and Priscella arrested Athena. Do you think it's a good ending? 


  1. In a piece of your paper, write your predictions for Season 3!

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