Hi,you recognized me as Alexa,the creator of the 5(now already  pages.You can answer my trivia below.

Grachi TriviaEdit

1.Who is Leo's "girlfriend"? 

2.What animals are the creatures of Grachi,Matilda & Mia

3.Who is the "tutor" of Grachi?The real one?

4.Tell me what type/color of Grachi's,Matilda's & Mia's powers?


Where did Athena go after the ultimo episodio?


5.What do you feel when you watch Grachi casting spells?

Blank Page For Answering(Make sure to put numbers)Edit

Answers(don't look until I say so.....)Edit



2.Butterfly,Bat and Spider


4.It can be Pink/White/Puff Smoke/Spark/Lining

5.It's up to you.....

6. what is Grachi's secret fear

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