Updates/Bio of GrachiEdit

Season 2: Grachi won during their fight with Athena,Mia & Leo.

She erased Mia's memory.

Season 1:

Grachi was in a magical duel with Madam Director.

She friends at first with Matilda,but became enemies after she(Matilda)knew Grachi has a crush on Daniel.

She never showed Fransisco her powers.


According to the Exoren & Matilda,Grachi has the spell of the starry love

Loves Daniel.

Hates Mia in Season 2.


Grachi is a new girl in Escolarium with her dad,Francisco who is a professor there.She hates Mia,but became friends in Season 3.


She never showed her powers to ordinary people,except Daniel in one episode.

Friends with:

Mecha,Daniel,Cussy,Francisco,Ursula,Matilda (at the end of Season 2) & Mia (Season 3)


Mia (Season 2) Matilda (the end of season 2)

Some SpellsEdit

You give me a bad temper,now I will turn you into a hamster!@

Spider webs in rome,make a path to get us home

Scarecrow and fly,make my clothes dry.

Made Up SpellsEdit

Cute dolls,I will turn you all into farm animals.

Sticky glue,make her feel blue!

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