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Hello Edit

I am Lea creator of Fan de Grachi, 

Maravillosamente Magica and I love Grachi page. I made this page for you not only to read it but to Get information by it. So enjoy! PS Please no negative comments! Article of the months of October until Nov. 5.

Who is your Soulmate? Edit

Have you read my blog post on the home page Of the wiki? The title is Who is your Soulmate. That article is all about finding your soulmate And how can you tell if that is really your soulmate. Ok, in Grachi before I start I have a question for all Of you fans. How can Grachi and the other people In Grachi know there soulmate? Please submit youre Answer in the comments section. Finding your Soulmate is not easy, but if you are a witch it will be so Easy for you. Soulmates are sometimes your not meant To be. But there are also sometime that your soulmate Is someone you miss the most. Sometimes when finding your soulmate is a very challenging task to do.

Activities: =Edit

  • Please write ways on how you can find your

Soulmate in the comments section.

Contest of the month Edit

Give me or write an article in the comments section. I will look forward to read your articles and the one Who will write the best article will win the contest. The Prize is your article will be posted in the blog post In the home page in Grachi wiki! You can write any Article about anything. Due on November1.

Questy questions! Edit

1. How did Grachi and the other witches know there soulmate?

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