Katarina "Katty" Taule is another best friend of Matilda and Member of the group called The Red Panthers or in spanish (Las Panteras Rojas)

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At first, she became coupled with Chema, But Chema starts to flirt with other girls, like Lucia, producing alot of jealousy in Katty. She seems to be a loyal friend because even if Matilda abuses her, she still wants to be Matilda's friend. In season 2, it is revealed that she is a really smart student, but Matilda forces her not to tell anyone about it, fearing that it might destroy the Panthers' reputation. She once competed to be the most intelligent girl, but unforunately, she failed.


Sometimes Katty try to take advantage of the moments of Matilda to their advantage, as in Chapter 2 when Matilda was going to do a romantic dinner in with Daniel , asked to invite Chema for her to also go and be together.

Sometimes they even ventured to change his opinion of things, just for your benefit, as when Ursula cancel the plan matilda dinner, and proposed a Picnic, but Matilda did not like or katty, but after thinking about it Katty Matilda conventional to do so only by Chema.

She is very jealous with regard to her affair with Chema .


Matilda RomanEdit

She is her "Best Friend", and the leader of The Red Panthers


She is another of her best friends, but this time, it's mutual. Also a member of the Red Panthers.


Another member of the Red Panthers. Katty fought with her after she got Chema's affections.


During the first season, Katty believed that she and Chema were dating, even though they weren't. In season 2, in order for Katty to get her affections, she helps Chema in his studies. Yet Chema was still in love with Mecha.




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