Notice:Remember that spells don't work

My Top 10 Made Up SpellsEdit

Scooter that doesn't work, give me a set of a spoon & fork

Mani-pedis are cute,make Carolina play the flute.

Dogs that eat cabbage, tell me the bookmark page.

Nails that I bite,people that someone likes,give me back my kite from Skysite!

Lighters that glow,make this sky become snow

Magical spells that will come out using my finger,make this ordinary person become a community cleaner!

Phones and gadgets,bagels and baguettes, make this bag become Odette's!

Smoke that will come to my fist,get her into my enemy list!

Faster shoes,make my shoelaces become loose!

Higher than the clouds,please turn off the sound!

Your Own Made Up SpellsEdit

E.X-bricks and stones,don'play anymore tricks

KG - I want to know now, who did this and how

Spells from GrachiEdit

My fate my feet,now open the gate

Ears of a frog and a dandelion trouble,with this spell I create my double,a white widow guarded by a dinosaur now open this window.-Grachi

Hopnosis and a pink eye of ogger,return this very instant the missing red panthers-Matilda

You've got the breath of a road you look like a pig Sebastian-Daniel

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