How To DoEdit

just think of a rhyming word then put it here below!

Now you created your do-it-yourself spells! 


I dont want a log i want a puppy dog                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

shine shine everywhere now there will be light everywhere

crows fly now my clothes will be dry

crowns jewels wands blister apart may the door be locked

barks and sound may the noise out there be gone

frame same may everything you know be forgotten

lean in fear may you fear everythiing

lean sink may you see your past life

sweets and treats may everything sweet appear

angelos spellsEdit

flower that blooms in the forest now make my drawing be the best

a strong hurricane now make it rain 

animals that can sneeze now make thetime freeze

you cant make me roll now i will have a ball

you have a beautiful van,you will be a can

a cute little hamster,your voice will now dissapear

i have just go to the subic bay now make this spell go away

noise that comes from the frog turn athena to a fog

ipad,computer,ang laptop you will have a cough

a bears bite now there will be alight

a beautiful chair that is maid of log now turn him into a  bag

hot are the earthcore now make the time reverse once more

a  fat little rat now make her into a cat

mosquito and fly you cant tell anymore lie

witches and wizard i wish tonny was a lizard

kanay wzard and witch i wish i was in the beach


My Own SpellsEdit

You stink,make me a drink

First,second,last,when I say "cast" bring a boy from the past

Butterfly in someone's ear,The car will steer don't bump, now add her fears

Peter Piper in another world,Give me my powerful sword

Basket,casket,hologram what's inside my tiny,cute,pocket

Magic that flows,can I see how the flower grows.

Bony plates, she will eat what I ate.

Airplanes that soar,don't kill her anymore

Ferocious lion,eat my ice cream cone

It's creepy,turn you ferocious tiger into a freaking lily Ghosts and wolves in a haunted house,no doubt,no fear,this memory from many years will dissapear.

Crispy rice on top of soup,a circus,three hoops,this gibberish lady will turn what I said lately.

Ice and cold,everything I touch will turn to gold.

Biscuits and milk,he will,right now,eat.

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