Hi Everyone! I'm Alexa,the creator of this,spell creator & some magical spells that doesn't happen

Spells Of GrachiEdit

ears of a frog and dandelion trouble,with spell i create my double

venus,mars and jupiter,may all my clones disappears and return to their master

foods and grapes,trees of honey,iwould like that tony appear in front of me-grachi and tony

stir,fry,i want my wet clothes dry

bunnies and planes,make the spells go away

musical chords and giant lighters,i would like that my room is full of flowers

dogs with no ears,make the chipmunk voice disappears

night in the glean,make mecha beautiful once again

molded color of a butterfly and monkey fling,make this pig turn into a human being

ice that is cool,i want to get out of this school

season that change,may weather rearrange

good fairy wearing a thormol make chema go back to being normal

tiny flowers dancing and butterfly with one wings that the spell that i casting to make me stop from crying

tail of a dog,fangs of a wolf,the teeth is so nice so make him go back to his normal life

bees and hoheycomb,your voice back to normal now

butterfly cruel,get rid of it this girl

hairy mounatain trolls and sparkling magic falls,make me walk through this higher walls

soldiers in armor that can give the spell,tell me the right words to tell

two frogs jumping at the dawn,make the screens go back on

big hummingbirds and a hair of a mammal,make this funny hat back to normal

if you see a ghost just say boo,give me a perfect dinner for two

this is not the right form,so put me now in my unifrom

I count to 1,2,3 now everything I say can't be undone wings of hummingbird,take me out of this world

a long side and a couples hurld,make me come back to my own world

a shining eyes of a black widow,two rabbits playing in a meadow this spell will tell you what to do so 

go ahead and open that window.

crazy goat who wants to groove,go and make the words move

My fate my feet,now open the gate

Spells Of MatildaEdit

i dont want to wash a dish,turn grachi now into a fish

faires,elves and gnomes,make this lonely witch go back home

witches with a magical touch,i want a beautiful clutch

stop the cutter,turn katty into a panther

witches floating in the air,get Dotty paint her ugly hair

future,present and past,i want a lock on that door with this spell i cast

winds and earthquakes,open the witches gate

milk and celery,goodbye memory

that uniform is ugly,i get you a new dress

naughty girls and sillypony tails,put a glasses on her face like a pails

you make me crazy up,a dirty water will wash you up

camellions and december,Diego wont remember

tea in a cup, i want to go home ad take a nap

my little things is gross,to be quite for ten minutes

a pipe that going to sink, i want now a cold drink

rush and dust,let Diego and  Matilda fall in love

Witches,I'm calling you to bake me a cake.....with vanilla!

pots and shells that are broken,make this door wide open.

I dont like sweets I throw them away,please get daniel shoulder fixed right away

Alien back from outerspace,a possum with a lace,Bring my love of my life right now from his hiding


you gave me a bad temper,i will turn you into a hamster

skins and bones,make this lost witch go back home

shells with a rock,on that door i want a huge lock

oh rock of wonder,this must be larger

whiskers of the tiger,whisk away the intruder

Spells Of MiaEdit

spider webs in rome,make a path to get us back home

were ever you will be,please appear in front of me

red little bites of cherry,help me erase her memory

snakes and little mice,leave frozen daniel like a ice

orange mangoe juice tell me if i forgot something

brightness sun,make sure my homework is done

its little bits to knock,the paint will be stock

dont be a fool get out on the pool.

a bird and a bee,let it show what i want to see

if i have a lasting choice,then give me back my normal voice

grow ears and water tears,on a count of three make me disappears

rabbit dancers,please show me the answers

salamader ears,make me disappears

i dont have a phone,make that helmet mine alone

i have the money in the bag,theres a clown jumping on the plank,

with the hats on their heads,they will change body instead.

firer burning on the sand,make the glue spread out on his hand

pretty stars from the mountain top,i want the time to stop

monster and mutants,today the panthers are my assistant

first recomendation song,make their regulation go wrong

night that i saw a fear,make this glue stick disappears

paper burning with ashes, make them switch their glasses

toads and frogs,bat and flies,make silvia have hideous eyes.

your never gonna talk,so instead of a mouth your gonna have a fin

im a girl with a barrel,and im a girl and not a squirrel

Zombies,Werewolves, and spies,make mecha ugly in Chema's eyes

Ivis's SpellsEdit

Night and gleamer on the moon, a storm with no sound,help this poor witch unglue her feet on the ground

piranhas and snakes that attack relentlessly,the powers of the meter will go back  normality.

Athena's SpellsEdit

Witch jealous and full of vanity,that girl will turn into normality

      snakes eyes color of beets,make those girls turn into a dog's tasty treats

      wood carve from the star,back to myself is my desire.

      kidneys,livers,hearts, and brain,bring me now a huge hurricane.

Priscilla's SpellsEdit

Pepper and salted salmon,to finish the musical will be gone.

       Long black hair,red hot spicy,with this spell matilda  will be a rid of jealousy.

Tony's SpellEdit

Salmon from the rivers,oysters from the sea,let Grachi receive this letter from me.

Short MessageEdit

Always search for Made Up Spells,Some Magical Spells That Doesn't Happen & Spell Creator!

Remember life is full of magic!

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