The Red Panthers is a group formed by Matilda during the first and second season.


The group originally consisted of four members. Dotty, Katty and Betty are Matilda's best friends and are known around school as "The Red Panthers". They are the prettiest and dumbest girls in school. They are completely loyal to Matilda and like to travel in threes. Betty later was magically sent to a new school during the first season.


The Panthers love to dance. Yet they are proven to be talentless. Also, they would try and bully someone in school but they are powerless without Matilda.



Matilda is the official leader of the group. She is somewhat ruthless to her fellow panthers, yet can show affection whenever she needs them


Betty is known as the "dumbest" in the group. She has proven to be really annoying. She was sent to another school by Matilda.


Matilda's closest friend in the group. She has proven to have common sense like Matilda, yet she can also go along with the group's stupidity. She is the smartest in the group, but Matilda forces her not to reveal her intelligence, for fear that it will collapse the Panthers' status.


She is the second dumbest next to Betty. She is also shown to be really annoying around Katty and Matilda. She is also the nicest, having no intention against Grachi or Mecha.


  • They are the first group to be introduced in the series, the second being the Sharks and third, the Pink Gossips.
  • Betty was the first to leave the group. Matilda was the second.
  • Without the existence of Grachi, the group is called the "Blue Lionesses" and Mecha is the leader.