Ursula And Matilda

Ursula and Matilda

Ursula is the mother of Matilda . She is very rich and falls in love with Francisco , the father of Grachi . She always think that Francisco is always hers and no girl will ever take her. According to Grachi, Ursula seems weird and eccentric. She always think that she is beautiful and 15 years younger than her original age. She also temporarily became a hippy along with Lolo. At one episode, she ask Matilda to cast a spell on Francisco to fall in love with her although the spell is fake. She is played by Katie Barberi 

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

When Matilda lose her powers it is revealed in the end of Season 1 that Matilda's powers transfer into her mother. Her magic is yellow spark. She is fast to cast spells. When Grachi is almost on a spell on Mia she is fast enough to cast a spell on her.