Once upon a time,there was a girl named Sabrina "Princess" Firebliss.She lives with her insane older brother,Alex,her mom,Catherine,and her dad,Max.She has 2 best friends,Holly and Adyson.She lives at the city of Sweetwater.She studies at Sweetwater University.Her biggest enemy is Jessica Parker.


Sabrina:(in an angry tone)Hi Jessica.

Jessica:So I've heard that you are also entering Kid News.What are you applying?

Sabrina:Journalism for Standard Students,why?



Jessica:Oh..that.I also applied that subject.

Jessica:Bye Sabrina!See you later and text you tom..

Teacher Anna:Jessica Parker!Go to your class now!


Holly and Adyson: Did you see that Sabrina?She got humiliated in front of the whole class!Sabrina?Sabrina?


She never ever talked to Jessica.Meanwhile,

Witch:Sabrina Firebliss,I will let you have powers.

Sabrina:Aaahh!Who are you?

Witch:I'm Empress,the witch of pure kindness.You've been asked by Queen Nicole to have powers.

Sabrina:Um..okay.Give me the powers.

Empress:(casts)Powers in the floor,a witch behind the door,please give this girl the power to soar!(reveals a spark that lets Sabrina teleport)Okay Sabrina,hide your powers from any human except witches,okay?

Sabrina:Yes,Empress,I'll follow your orders as requested.

Empress:Good.Take care,and follow the path of magic!(dissapears in a puff of smoke)

Sabrina:Huh,she's good.

She showed her powers only to her witch friends Dorothy and Alisa.

Dorothy:Hey,I've also known that you have powers.I got my powers from Aisha,the witch of pure heart.How about you?

Sabrina:From Empress.Oh,I've got to go to class now.It's already 7:30.Bye!

Dorothy:See you later!

Sabrina:(casts)I just need to sort,now let me teleport!(teleports into classroom)

Holly:Why did Sabrina enter the classroom without opening the door?

Teacher Anna:Let me help you.(casts)We already had fun,your powers will be gone!

Breaking News:

Will Sabrina lose her powers forever or apologize to Empress about it? Stay tuned for A Wonderful And Magical Story,Part 2 in Grachi Wiki.Bye!

Thank you! -Alexa

Spells That Are Casted

We already had fun,your powers will be gone-Teacher Anna

I just need to sort,let me teleport!-Sabrina

Powers in the floor,a witch behind the door,please give this girl the power to soar!-Empress

Stay tuned for more spells!-Alexa

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