Continuing the story...


Sabrina:Ok..I'll try to cast first a spell,(casts)I have golden teeth,I wish to wear my green shoes now on my feet!(reveals green sneakers)Why did it turn?

Teacher Anna and class:(shocked)

Sabrina:(casts)You see me, now you don't,I want to be at the back of the door in the front!(teleports)

Sabrina:Phew,that was close.(walks away)

Teacher Anna:Grrr!That nasty kid.I'll come back.

Empress:Talk to Alisa now,she has troubles in her powers,and,why did you lose your powers?

Sabrina:Sorry,because Teacher Anna reveals to be a witch too,and casted me to let me lose my powers,but my powers were still there.How could that happen?😕

Empress:😮I forgot to mention,you are The Chosen One.You have a 10-mile radius of power.So you cannot be defeated.But you can be turned into something,like a fish or flower.

Sabrina:Oh.So that's why.

Empress:Help Alisa convince her father to believe in magic!Follow the path of magic!(dissapears again)

Sabrina:(casts)The fireworks go boom,teleport me into Alisa's classroom!(teleports)

Alisa:Help me!Oh thank goodness you're here,Sabrina.My dad wants me to have no powers,but I don't want to lose my powers forever! Help me convince my dad to believe in magic and accept me for being a witch.

Sabrina:(casts)Tick,tock,tick,make this man believe in magic.(Alisa's father accepts Alisa for being a witch)

Alisa:Oh,thank you daddy and also thanks to you,Sabrina.

Dad:You're welcome.

Sabrina:No problem.

Alisa:Let's battle "Teacher Anna".

Sabrina:What do you mean?

To be Continued