Alisa:Let's battle "Teacher Anna".

Sabrina:What do you mean?

Alisa:The Exoren tells us witches that Myrna Vasky was the 1st evil witch.One cold night,she was locked in the The Mysterious Spell,and was locked in Earth.She became a normal witch,thus not remembering she can unlock the spell.She disguised as Teacher Anna.

Sabrina:Why do you know all of that?

Alisa:I've been a witch for the past 6 years.

Empress,Aisha and Roxanna:Hello,fellow witches.We've come to develop your true power to all of mankind.

Empress:Step forward,Sabrina.

Sabrina:Yes,what will I get?

Empress:(casts)A wonderful stitch,now you may turn to a witch.

Sabrina:(earns a medallion)Thanks Empress.

Roxanna:Step forward,Alisa.

Alisa:What will I get?

Roxanna:(casts)Beams and portals,you will be a true fairy of animals!

Sabrina and Alisa:Thank you very much.

Aisha:Wait a second!


Aisha:I need to find Dorothy!

Will Aisha find Dorothy?

Stay tuned!

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