IWitch powerG6

aka Aleia

  • I live in )
  • I was born on November 2
  • My occupation is )
  • I am Female
  • IWitch powerG6

    Do you want to be a witch or a normal person?

    Hmm............... for me, I really want to be a witch. You know why? Cause I can do alot and tons of cool and awesome stuff! Like: Get ice cream anytime, get new gadjets and stuff like that. But you know what? Having powers and being a witch needs full concentration and responsibility. Cause if you don't concentrate you can't do magic and focus is the magic hocus! Having powers most of all needs complete 110% responsibility. You need to identify if what you are about to do that involves magic is right and won't affect anything to distract the person's privacy, dignity and rights. And you need to make sure that it won't affect you either.Hmm................. I've been thinking, if I'll be a witc…

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  • IWitch powerG6

    So, who's your soulmate?

    Soulmates are people, not really that you hang out all the time, it can be someone who is far from you or your enemy. Soulmates can be a boy or gilr. But for a reason and commonly, its your best someone who you know or someone you don't really communicate much too. Sometimes finding out your soulmate is not easy, sometimes you got to undergo several tasks. But I tell you its pretty mysterious when you start to wonder who your soulmate is. Well, the question is, how can we find our soulmate? Well, in real life its hard to find out, but in Grachi they have a mirror in which you look through and youll see your soulmate. If you really want to, just hang in there youll find out soon!

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  • IWitch powerG6

    Maravillosamente Magica stands for life is full of magic. Sometimes magic can be with and including powers, or magic can be a momment filled with happiness and joy. Sometimes Magic can be a miracle for you and your friends family relatives or even pets. But most of all, forme, magic is having friends. Friends that know the real you. Friends that help you. Friends that always have your back.Friends that comfort you and Friends thatare nice and humble and kind and generous to you.The show Grachi did not only teach me to livea magical life. But it taught me the value of friendship. And I myself learned a valueable lesson. No one has the right to end you and your friend's friendship. Not even the trait of jealousy. Everyone, life is full of ma…

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