Do you want to be a witch or a normal person?

Hmm............... for me, I really want to be a witch. You know why? Cause I can do alot and tons of cool and awesome stuff! Like: Get ice cream anytime, get new gadjets and stuff like that. But you know what? Having powers and being a witch needs full concentration and responsibility. Cause if you don't concentrate you can't do magic and focus is the magic hocus! Having powers most of all needs complete 110% responsibility. You need to identify if what you are about to do that involves magic is right and won't affect anything to distract the person's privacy, dignity and rights. And you need to make sure that it won't affect you either.Hmm................. I've been thinking, if I'll be a witch, there will be alot of stuff to do. So, on the second thought, Im proud of being me. As what they always say.............



Me, Myself and I!